• 5 minutes to learn

    Super easy to learn, difficult to master!

  • 20 minutes

    a round of Tchaka Tchaka takes about 20 minutes

  • 3 - 6 Players (Exp. 8 )

    for 3 to 6 Players - with Expansion up to 8

  • Drink or don't!

    Tchaka Tchaka also has a drinking game rule included!



Tchaka Tchaka is a Game where you stack chips against one another. Yes, you heard that right, finally there is a chip stacking Party Game!

Gather your friends and start stacking. If the tower falls, you loose! Impact your opponents by stacking special chips that affects how the next player has to stack, or who stacks next.

the rule cards

- - - 20 different Rule Cards can be combined to create endless gaming experiences for beginners and pros! - - - Just place a chip - lets say a red one - on the Rule Card to empower all red chips with a special rule

  • stack in slow motion!

    stack in slow motion!

  • Skip the next player!

    Skip the next player!

  • Stack blind!

    Stack blind!

  • SPEAK as loud as the pile is high

    SPEAK as loud as the pile is high


  • Tchaka Tchaka really stacks the fun!
    Peter Parker

    Peter Parker


  • One of the best Partygames 2018
    Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

    Real Life Superhero


Kickstarter Campaign starting 2018!


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